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The specialist providers of eLearning solutions provides bespoke elearning solutions for company training. eLearning is essentially distance or open learning delivering courses via the internet to learners without incurring problems of attendance, geographical location and time schedules.

The advantages of elearning are; access, immediacy, flexibility, asynchronous communications, inclusive, supportive, and community based. This means that learners become the managers of their own learning.

The constant and rapid developments in Information, Communications Technology (ICT), continuously impact on the design and delivery of elearning courses. For the general learner, this is not a problem. Think of how many of you have smart phones, iPads, iPod and similar multitasking devices, all of which can access the Internet.

Learners access our elearning courses through a Learning Management System (LMS) via a username and password via our educational partners, go to (see below)

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